I think this was the night that I decided to get a tripod. After spending so much time trying to get a good shot by putting my camera on a log and using the self timer I guess I just had enough. I was never a big fan of shots of fish lying on the ground anyway. It was a good night of channel cat fishing, as you can see I did get a couple nice ones. The biggest was a prime Susquehanna River 29 incher. This was back when I was still posting over on IceShanty and MyFishfinder, the last photo was the inspiration for the X-Files thread that I started on myfishfinder. Hopefully I will be able to get the ghost wail to play when the last picture loads. It worked in the origianl version so wish me luck. You will have to use your imagination for the ghost wail for now. I had it with the old html version of this page but those days have come and gone. I'm not sure if PB supports .wav files but I'll be looking into it. FM