Another Night of cattin' on the river, the Susquehanna River that is. This time I was in the company of one of our nations finest Semper Fi, I was proud to serve along side of this Marine as we did battle with the fierce Susquehanna River Channel Cats. We had a good night. I think this was one of Ernie's first trips for river cats and as such he was working his way up the learning curve but proved to be a good student and we both ended the night with a few nice fish. This was late March as you can see from the snow. Within a week the river had come way up due to rain which forced the postponement of the foolsonice "Catfish Night" that was scheduled for April Fools Day. I was right back here "solo" a week later on March 31. The nearly flood stage waters ment that there would be great catfishing to be had and I planned to get in on it. There is a series of pics and a video from that trip that I will link to this page when I get this all put together. FM